Hi, I'm Krissy. I am a FileMaker Certified Developer who's fun to work with.


I've been working with FileMaker for over five years, but I've been working with people my whole life.

Designing a custom app that works isn't just about the technical database schema - it's about understanding who will use the solution and how, so we can build something that works in real life. 



Fix your existing solution.

If you have an existing FileMaker app, chances are that over time, you've discovered things that should be working a bit differently. Or maybe every time you create a new record, it inputs "Peggy" as the tech... but Peggy hasn't worked for you in years. 

I can fix things like:

  • Add a button for a new workflow

  • Default text that's no longer accurate

  • Printing with unexpected results

  • See different information on a report

Build something new.

Whether you've never used FileMaker before or your business is based on it, I can build an app that helps streamline and organize your repetitive tasks. FileMaker also works as a hub to connect existing services you may use, like QuickBooks or MailChimp. 

You might want to do things like:

  • Generate quotes for potential customers

  • Create reports of trends in your data

  • Track the status of work orders

  • Assign jobs for your family vacation


I am a FileMaker 17 & 18 Certified Developer. 


Humans first. Software second.